Favorite; Rumi.

If Shakespeare was to be my favorite poet, Rumi should be even higher than that. So then I called him; my soul. Indeed, he is. He speaks my thoughts, my feelings. He knows how to 'dakwah' or actually tame my heart using his magical words; yes poetry is no gimmick in calming my soul and wild heart. It tells you something you never imagined knowing, it describes something you never imagined existing.

I've read few books of different poets; but Rumi is the most powerful writer. His writings are pure, sophisticated and raw. Simply a spectacular masterpiece you would ever read. However, this was given by most unique 'D' thus making this book even more special than it actually is. A complete 365 poems for an entire year should be something I always carry on whenever I go. This is not a promotional entry; it's the passion I'm writing about though. 

One of my favorites; 

It's not possible to carry my heart anymore.
It's better that my yearning take it from me.
If I don't give my heart to the longing I have for You,
What else could I do with it? Why would I have it? 

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