Can painkillers mend a broken heart? 

When the white turns black it means pure turns dark.
So does the heart of a man where good becomes vicious.

And suddenly, all the past words are nothing but a mere passage that is meant to be history and something to be dwelled on. All the lovey dovey words are asked to be forgotten like nothing had actually happened. Like they said, this is the real deal to actually end every pieces left. 

You remained silent for never intended to putting up any more costs, but it seems to be a hell wrong way you've chosen and there's nothing you can do about it, anymore. Guess there's the truth in saying men are like that, they want and you can't hold it anymore or else they'll leave. Their determination of having something they've always wanted was never a joke, you got to give what you got to give. And a poor soul like you is like that, trapped in the absolute poverty while in no idea what the hell actually is happening. You are just, an absolute loser on your own battle. You watch and you learn the lesson, in despair and total shock of truly colors appeared. You want to do something, but pride won't allow. Chasing someone after he had choose someone else is a total mess. It's like I'm buying another hell out of bad fate to the life that has already broken. 

Love; the scariest thing ever in this moment is actually a poisonous potion for broken soul, like mine. 

Question remains, can painkillers mend a broken heart? 

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