We as a singer

Truth to be told, I am not really into any singing realizing of how bad I am at it. So to join those perfect voices, is definitely my last choice. I mean, I can be forced to join in just if that is extremely necessary or something to do with prizes then I can consider. Because I do love prizes! Who doesn't anyway?

So my class had to join this merdeka competition, it's actually singing competition la. Where you need to be in a choir group which consists of your classmates and required to sing the given song as creative as you can be. How lucky we were that time because we got the Ella song which is 'standing in the eyes of the world'. Yes that was the best song in the list and we got it. Phew.

So imagine the accountants to be and eventually need to act like some of professional choir singer in that day. That was hard, actually. We fought several times, and some of the mates not giving expected cooperation, yes it was annoying. But it turned quite well actually because we won the second prize haha!

And on that day, I wasn't just a singer at the most front row but also a poet. Yes I read a poetry just to make us look more amazing I think? Yes we nailed at the end. I'm so proud of the squad. They are really those smart parts that not just perform on exams despite on stage as well. Big clap for them.

So here we go; the golden faces of the day. 

As you can see Alif's annoying face at last row, yes he was actually in a big war with the microphone stand, basically something to laugh at. Hahahahahaha

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