To Yaya

The one who is always good at memorizing especially on things related to biology and formulas. The one who is always good at cooking, the one who we will go for when it comes to the day her parents will come. The one who got that gifted hand-writing, simply neat and organized. The one who is always score well in exam, the one who always appreciate the true meaning of friends. The one who we will never get tired to spend an entire day talking to. And that is how good she was in highschool-life back then, and it bugs me how this two years have changed her. I bet, puberty truck has done a very good job and turned her to be a beautiful and young lady as she is now. Indeed, she's a real definition of beauty with brain!

So she thought i will not wish her on this very special day of hers?! Of course i will! I know it's kinda too late but i hope few hours late won't change my love to you as forever or even five-ever you are really my girlfriend and someone that i will never miss to count on to be special guest on my wedding ahaks! So happy birthday, my dear sweety macaroon ! I hope an increase in age does increase your level maturity and success. I shouldn't say this, but life is unimaginably hard but always remember you have Allah to help and us, (your friends) to rely on. All the best in your life, may Allah grant you happiness and prosperity in life. 

All in all, stay classy and gorgeous as always. Be safe, there.

Yours truly,
Your very first deskmate in highschool

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