To Sarah

I'm not really good with numbers, and I know it makes me such an awful friend most of the times for not remembering the friends' birthdate. But in her case, let's consider it's an exception. We shared the same month of birthdate, the same birth place, the same zodiac and even the same thinking sometimes!

If I were to pick one word to describe this friendship, it would rather be 'home' as for me. Even though it has been hundred miles away now from each other but by meeting her once in awhile has been something I've always wanted to do (no kidding). We could spend for hours crazily talking about nothing to anything and can get very serious when it comes to future thingy. She's more than just a friend but a family, she's a part of my life to the point where I can say she's someone I wouldn't care if she likes my husband (but SHE BETTER NOT). Who she is? Of course, our one and only Sarah Rahidi 🎉

As for your birthday, I wish nothing but the best in everything you do. Be yourself because that's what you truly is and know that you're just unique in your own way. With such intelligence and good potential you got I believe you could go far, dutz. Life will get harder as we grow up, but I'm very confident in your capability in handling those hurdles like how you always did so pls don't prove me wrong ok! All in all, stay classy and educated! Woman power 💪🏻💫

With love, 

 Ps: Sarah is the one in light grey. 

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