To Fiqah, le cousin

A year older, a year wiser. I can't believe how time flies so fast that it feels like it was just yesterday when we had our photo sitting on the sofa while I was beside you and you were with your topi knowing your hair doesn't grow much like mine hahahahahaha! Can I say i miss all about growing up with you? We've been schoolmates since we were 5 up till the age of 17 and that's totally annoying kau tak rasa ke? Hahahahaha that's sweet though. Well, I wish you a great life ahead, and with the potential you got I know you can go far in this life. Remember that effort matters more than anything else, so give your very best in whatever you do. Believe in your capabilities and you really can do it ok? Hehe. May Allah ease everything for you and Happy birthday, babe 💐

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