Those days

Last time when I was still a highschool student, I have this hobby (and still do) of giving random sticknotes to my random friends (mostly my dear classmates). You know how I love to collect beautiful quotes and eventually write those onto my personal journal, so to get to see people happy and excited faces while they read the words I wrote on the sticknotes eventually brings a smile to me as well. It's one of it, random act of kindness. 

I've mentioned it before in my past entries about few other random of kindness. I used to have this one special person in school back then, and Ma being a thoughful mother as she is will always have me a bunch of apples so that in her thought I can still consume vitamins while in asrama. But most of the times I couldn't finish all them so before they got rotten, I'll just give it to this special person while having a sticknote on top of the apple written 'an apple a day keeps a doctor away'. Yes, it was too cliche hahaha I couldn't think anything else that time. Even the message is simple, it did draw a smile to the receiver's face which is a big happiness to me when I see that person happy. I'm so proud to be the reason of people happiness. It just a random feeling like that. 

Even though we get nothing in return, we should believe the kindness that make people remember us when we're not there anymore. It might be tomorrow or any days in future, but this good deeds will really help you somedays. What's around comes around, what you give you get back. However, the feeling to be missed is actually amazing seriously. Hahahahah and now i started to miss farah now. Because, she never get tired of receiving my sticknotes even until now 

Moving on to college, i've tried this one random act of kindness. But actually my niat is to thank all those friends who have been there for helping me in studies. You know I need to retake my AS exam and there was few friends that help me to cope back all the subjects for the exam. Instead of saying 'thank you' directly to them, I decided to give them something. Something that's sweet and joyful for them to eat, so I want it to be food la basically. So then I asked kakak to bake me brownies for my friends. I was so happy actually that day to see them getting so excited receiving cakes. If you know how my college is then you know it's rare to have cakes on random days. Where got brownies tengah tengah hutan kan, so yeah. 

The first one is basic absolute chocolate brownies and the other one is redvelvet in flavour with pistachios and melted choc on the top, basically a reason to get themselves happy randomly.

This is totally a random post about random act of kindness haha

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