The wants

I don't care anymore, of what I'll be faced in future. Either to live without anyone's support, I want to still stand highly and be seen as a strong lady. I want to reach the destination for any risks I'll be facing, because I just don't care anymore. There is nothing matter more than to be, in the place for I've spent the past life dreaming of it. This is the time for me to really set myself on fire, and just let the dream burns into reality. It's the time to come in like a wrecking ball, and hit the fate as I made up of titanium.

I know obstacles might just come along the process, but this moment I just want to keep myself running. Running throughout this endless journey, until the day God ask me to stop then I'll stop. No one else could question me to where this thing is leading to, because this isn't anyone's issue but mine. 

For any place I will go to in this soon September, either it could be America  or Britain or might just be Australia--- I want it to be the place of me changing for better. The place that not only giving me a life ticket for practicing knowledge but to get me nearer to God. I want the place to be the spot where I meet my new inspiration and sunshine, may Allah grant me what is nothing more but the best and only the thing that He thinks is what best for me. He knows right, that I am not going to question anything but to accept with a willing heart.

I want to keep on the track, I want to be back to home after 3 years with the new and better mission. This, is for nothing but as my devotion towards the deen, nation and my people. Over all, this is the obligation from me to God. 


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