The secret saviors

I never really talk about my college life which surely as you guys can imagine referring to my tweets, it's actually terrible and but partly bearable. Alevel is tough and it's like superbly more tougher when I need to deal with terrible people at the same time. But I've been tough as well so to deal with those bitches and dickheads in the college has been my food and I'm getting used to it seriously. But despite all the storms and rains in my days, there actually few cliques I consider as rainbows that I always counting on. There are the reasons I survive my bad days. So that's them.

This is basically my classmates so as you can see those smart pants who have always nailed every papers without fail. I might miss them as soon as I leave my college I guess.

My beautiful squad of mentees, I love them secretly. 

The group of housemates. Those faces I need to bear as soon as I open my eyes in the morning until my day ends. It's tiring actually, but I kinda enjoy them.

This is my other half. Yes, I'm talking about that half eaten ice cream actually. Pardon the pimple on my nose.

I should be grateful actually to have all these great friends while struggling hard in this alevel. Because I'm telling you now, alevel is crazily tiring and hard. So you need a good friend in companion to always cheer up your bad days and motivate with good words. 

Ps: nothing much to say just to have this all photos saved in this blog, you know for future reference. Teehee. 

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