The day he leaves home

I could still remember when I was still a kid, that I had this someone I really looking up to and just wanted to be like him. You know this thing we call 'inspiration', like whatever he said or any opinions he gave I take as a magical mantra. Time goes by, and I rarely see him anymore until I reached fourteen and finally he came back home. That was one of the happiest moment I must say when a guy who I've been waiting for so long finally be homed right in front of my eyes. I thought we could spend much longer time together after that, you know like just hanging around the city and having a late movie night together. But little did I know, a better thing is waiting for him while I'm in a way picturing all my thoughts. For God's sake, I've seen him growing up from a very innocent youth to a very high potential young man and I swear Allah has been so good to him and he just truly deserves each of it.

Today, is the day of him entering another new phase of life and I'm truly glad for that. May Allah bless him with even more happiness and prosperity throughout his life. A simple congratulation won't be enough I guess, so let my prayers be a part of the moment. 

Yours sincerely,
The unattended guest. 

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