Short Rant

So it was two days ago I was sitting for my Ielts test which are consisted of three components of listening, reading and followed with writing in one shot period. It was tough, really. But I was kinda grateful because I've done my speaking test on two days earlier compared to most of my collegemates in other centre who had to do all 4 components in a day at which it must be extremely tough I guess. Eventhough it went literally stressful throughout the test, I was actually happy in the end of successfully completed this one phase of getting nearer to Uk.

Yes, this is one of the whole process of road to Uk. I'm in process of completing my application to ucas which is due on this 25th December, I really hope I could cope everything smoothly. May Allah ease everything for me, InsyaAllah.

I know this is going to be tough and literally not easy, I know that every much. But in Allah I believe. I believe for every hardship comes easy and there's nothing I should be bothered much. I believe Allah knows well what I deserve, make it what I'm having now and will in future.

Till then,

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