Rant on hobbies

I love quotes, I love to know on how people feel and think about something. I find it as an interesting subject to learn, as because of that I love economics I guess. Because of its deep study about people's behaviour. Some might think it's not real, because after all the theories come from a simple human being who thought and assumed about other people acts and behaviours. Well, that's science. A social science, basically. But that's not my point here, I don't want to talk about economics either. I wanna talk about my passion towards poetry and quotes. It's something I should consider as my hobby, collecting quotes.

Quotes for example, by Shakespeare. It's valuable in term of the content and message he was trying to deliver. How he wanted us to know about something he knows. That's valuable, we learn something from other's experiences. You can't have a thought without first having the experience that makes you say whatever related to it. You need first to be in the situation then you can think and feel. So basically it's an advance learning where you can have a valuable message without first be in the shoes. You just need to accept, for it's something beneficial for you to learn. Same goes to hadith. The past collector of hadith are the one who are responsible of Prophet's saying. As the latest ummah, we didn't had a chance to meet the Prophet but we can still know him well and practice his good acts through his sayings, which are an absolute benefit to all of us.

I have few books of poetry which all are my favourites. And I have my own personal journal for me to collect any meaningful quotes I found online, yes my all-time favourite as well.

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