Mkic, is it you?

It's 4.24am now, and I still find it hard to sleep. Beside me here, there is still a cup of hot strawberry tea waiting for me to enjoy it. So basically, it's almost negative possibility I might fall asleep any soon now. I don't know why, but I think this time's holidays were quite too fast as I just don't realize it has come to its end already, I should really cry a river by now, realizing january at the same time has got no chill but to see me sooner to let me receive all those results. Arghh it's frightening! That's why, that's why I can't sleep every night. This is the reason. Oh finally I know the reason. Ni rupanya, no wonder I get so nervous lately. I can never forget to mention in my Dua for Allah to ease everything for me, my way to success dunia dan akhirat. Because realizing this is not just a my deal but my parents as well, it makes me in too much worries of what if I couldn't make it nauzubillah. Yes I should be positive though, everything is going to be okay in the end. In Allah, I believe. 

Featuring stoberi tea while reading if you can know, it's beautifulnara at the back. Pls, my girlish part just loves gossips hahahaha 

Yes, talking about reality. Mkic is coming in 8days, so it does mean that mental torture is also making its way now. No way to escape but to deal with it as strong as I can be. I know this next semester is going to be hard and tough but I believe Allah is there to help and strengthen me. InsyaAllah. 

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