Kidnappers of the day

So it was my birthday that day, and I was at home in advance since Ma asked me to be back home. Unplanned event always the most successful so do we were that day. It was on the night before actually when I told Farah I'm homed. So she was very excited and asked as if I can make time for her the next day. Yes, she meant her words that she asked me the next morning to send my house location because she's on the way with our friends. Yes, she is so determined as she is. 

Few minutes and she arrived lol. So we had makan makan time just after a long conversation in the car while on journey to Aeon. We had like the craziest moment that day because we lost in the middle of nowhere finding Sasa's house. We even asked one pakcik to help us with the direction, and unfortunately the pakcik being so helpless that time ish. 

We had our makan at Johnny's and even continued with our so long conversation. It was a good time with them, seriously. I miss my old friends, so to have this kind of meeting sometimes is always something I enjoy doing at. 

After makan we went for window shopping, and had a conversation over make up and just everything. We did video recording over chattime session. Yes it was tiring day when you need to like walk from one store to another while talking and laughing at the same time, yes it was tiring yet superbly exciting. I want more days like this, I swear! 

Not just that we went to my past school, just to meet this one of our juniors; Ammar. I think it's a good chance for us as all the spm students were still there because they had spm in the week. I enjoyed visiting my school, because seriously it has been two years now I don't wear that white uniform and started to miss everything now. I miss my makcik canteen, all the cikgus, the juniors, the moment of ustaz hayye being the imam, i miss buka puasa at asrama, i miss skipping solat hajat and pretending like I can't solat just because I want to complete my homework at the upper level of surau, yes i miss all about school. and i was so nakal during my school days, not a good example as a pengawas sekolah. Lol

So here we go, sums up of the day

Thank you, my lovely kidnappers! 

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