This is a major throwback on somewhere around August I guess, duhh can't really remember but yeah time isn't that important. The moment, yes! So it was an unplanned event which few of us were so in eager to meet each other and it was me and sarah with our so called driver in action-- shaza, we met up at SCM for different purpose and we like just took everything for granted and eventually made that day our 'girls-day-out' yay!

And of course we were so excited to meet edyn, because at that time she was back from jordan. And it has been a year not seeing her. So we did think that it might be a definite opportunity to meet her, we miss her a lot weh! 

Nothing much for this old friends meeting, just like any other typical meet up. We had makan makan and long time gossips before they decided to play bowling which is just not my league so I refused to join them. Yes that was one of the reason but the truth is I was in rush to send Bah to the airport so yeah. Lucky to have shaza in advance, he always a good driver, he's good at speeding hahahaha

But it was one of the best day and I was so lucky to have all this sporting friends who are always excited to meet each other. I hope this lasts forever, 'the excitement' 

It's good somehow to meet the old friends sometimes in a while, i mean that's when you can recall all those past memories and yknow have a good laugh together. I miss each of my highschool friends, they are all my soul. I'm here at this point I'm now because of them, they are the reason I survived highschool very well. I hope each of us will be a successful lady and berjaya dunia akhirat insyaAllah. I don't say this very often, but I love them too much that I can't define it through words. 

Till then, ladies. 


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