Cup of tea

I'm not your cup of tea, and there's nothing wrong with that I guess. You want someone who can grow up with you, start from the very zero with you, devoting her entire life for the uncertain relationship we must say? I'm not that kind of girl, and never thought to be like one so far. But it's okay, that's how I survived. Learn myself very well, treasure my reasons. Marriage is superbly big thing, it's a lifetime decision. And of course I want it to be almost perfect in every way, not just from the man's side but from me specifically. A complete preparation should be done, all including inner preparation, commitment, a good understanding, rationality and not to mention financial stability. Thinking wisely, it's not about I'm being too choosy wanting someone who has established... i just want to be with someone who knows well where to go and has all the equipments needed before both of us entering the world of marriage that we all know is full of hurdles. I'm preparing myself to be better person in every way, so does him. But that's not we're in somewhat relationship, or not that what are we preparing is solely or purposely for that particular person. We believe in faith, this context means directly to 'we deserve what we deserve'. Get yourself better, then you don't have to worry because you at the end of the day surely be destined to someone that's suitable enough for you. Have faith. Now again, think wisely. This is my belief and whatever you might think I'm going to stick on to this belief for I know there's nothing more important than to be better for a better person.


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