Book and the giver

This book is actually been given by one of the special person in my life. He's someone I always looking up to in life, because after all, he's the great person I've ever meet. Though no one really see those capabilities in himself, but I see them. And yes, he's great in his own way. I don't really remember on what reason he gave me this book except the part when I actually ask him to buy me a book by which I'll give him money. But yeah maybe as the reason for us to bump into each other, yes kinokuniya the favorite.

Why this book, anyway?

Because I'm a big fan of Murakami and this book was suggested by my brother. So yeah I bought this book, not literally. This book is for me a lil bit different compared to any other Murakami's books. By which, it's about his own perspective about marathon and running which I find very interesting to read. 

As always, Murakami's words are always beautiful and have a deep meaning, definitely a point to ponder. 

But for me it's not a book actually that resembles everything, it sometimes the giver. One book could be crazily interesting when it is given by someone you think they are special. 

The book is special, so do the giver. 

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