Those days

I've been so busy lately with life, not to mention the mental torture i've been facing everyday now in my life. But whatever it is, there is still a day when I know I still have courage and hope to live under.  So the day I write this entry is when exactly a week more before my final exam for this semester. I kinda scared to face it yet cannot wait any longer for my break.

I will start with IRP first, yes you need to account the arrangement accordingly as IRP is so similar to RIP as because of that we all have turned to be zombie but in very scary version. IRP is kinda a revision programme in group. You are divided into groups randomly, and there comes the most big issue I am facing now. The IRP will be better if you get such supportive members or else your mental be tortured everyday sarcastically. Overall from my view, I see IRP as a good programme as you can always seek help from friends and its like it standardize student's knowing in some topics so that everyone will receive the same inputs. No one will be left behind, we move forward together.

But there is this guy, that I would assumed that he doesnt like me. Or maybe, he likes me a lil bit and most of the feeling is hatred, pissed off and what not. I dont like him either, I mean yes he looks nice but the reality is not as the same as it seems. I dont know which zodiac he in but we just cant make a good companion towards each other. When I with him, most of the time will be an argument about everything and anything. And of course, I hate guy who simply scold girl in public i mean cmon you are not allowed to do that to any girls either. And guess what, he did that to me. I get offended everytime with him and swear to God i just want to run away and never come back to mkic just because of him.

But i think its getting better now as it just a week left so nothing much to be worried.

But despite of those bad days, there is still a rainbow God has saved for me. Exactly on last week, my college has organized this visit to one of the school near Dungun, not so far from my college. You know how I wasnt excited for the programme as i was so exhausted and been longing for weekend so that I can rest but no way! ... As the programme was during my weekend pulak. Stress aku.

The night before I sleep at 3 and just dont imagine how i looked like when i need to wake up in the morning at 6 because bus will fetch us at 7. I know it's not even funny.

But guess what, it turned out to be such a beautiful day. Yes it was beyond my expectation. I never expect that I can be so in love with the place, the kids and just everything about that day. We went to this place called Pasir Raja. My first view was their school, yes i should be more grateful for living in city as that place is beyond anything that I had. With not more than 70 students, the school may just be sufficient for this small population to get better education.

My love at a first sight was Jimie, that young kid who is so bright and very good in english. He first entertained everyone with this one english song i never knew what. Then, so lucky i was that i got a chance to fasilitate his group. And there goes a love episode between us.

We had Nadi, Jimie, Jijie and Anis. Nadi is 7 years old, not so tall but lil chubby yet cute somehow. I can say that he has such an unconditional relationship with foods, that he loves food more than anything else. What his is his, what others is his too. Moving on Jijie, at first I thought that Jijie nickname came because of his teeth until i saw he write his name as Azizi, so yeah. Anis, she is so girly. I mean with her shyness and politeness.

A day spent with them has taught me about so many things especially to appreciate life and have grattitude in self. Our struggle in education may just be vary compared to them in Pasir Raja. Things are harder for them, especially their infastructure. But it is so spectacular as they survived well or much better than those kids in city. Told you, kids in Pasir Raja are so genius and bright.

The best part of Pasir Raja should be the river behind their school. It is so beautiful that it makes me think to build a house exactly alongside the river. The scenery is just so eye catching. I want to spend my life there.

All in all, i conclude that there will always be something to cheer for despite those bad days you had. You just need to open up and start to let the happiness enter your life. Love is not something you find, it is something that finds you.

As for the kids, i am looking forward to meet u all in future time insyaAllah.